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With winter fast approaching it’s time to warm up your rooms. Simplest way to do this is with a rug. This won’t only keep the heat in saving on your energy bill you will be also creating a new stylish space in eat room.

However so many do it yourself stylists get it all wrong.

How to choose the correct rug size for the right space:

Let's Talk Rugs - Oceanus Design Australia

Use this Rug size guide and get it right!

Guide only:

  • 60x 110cm – Entry, Hallway, Study, Kitchen
  • 70 x 140cm – Bedside, Entry, Near sofa, Bedroom
  • 120 x 160cm – Under coffee table, in front of 2 seater sofa lounge
  • 160 x 230cm – 3 seater sofa lounge, generally most common rug size
  • 190 x 290cm – Under 6 seat dining room setting, Family room
  • 240 x 340cm – Family / Living room, Under 3 seater sofa lounge

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Our success so far in our industry has come from being able to think outside the box not sticking to one particular style, we blend all sorts of designs together to really create an incredible visual aspect that ensures a positive emotional response.

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