Pre-Photography & Open Home Styling - Oceanus Design Co

Check List For Home Owners

Tips For Preparing Your Property

Pre-Photography & Open Home Styling - Oceanus Design Co

  • De-clutter and remove all personal and unwanted items
  • Remove any dead or sick plants
  • Replace all light bulbs with the same colour globes 7 keep spares
  • Clean windows, keep curtains and blinds open
  • Wipe off marks on walls, cupboards and light fittings
  • Hide all electrical cords and cables
  • Remove all pets and evidence of them including odours
  • Before photographer arrives put all lights on including lamps
  • Open home reminder: your home needs to smell clean and fresh – no strong fragrances.
  • Open turn fans on low

Living and Family Room Areas:

  • Turns TV’s off
  • De-clutter all shelving and surfaces
  • Remove TV Remotes, magazine, newspapers, tissue boxes, business and personal papers.
  • Remove exercise equipment, toys, and portable fans / heaters
  • Remove personal items such as photos, birthday cards, Christmas decorations, business and personal paperwork.

Dining Room:

  • Remove table cloths and doilies
  • Keep stylish centerpiece on table
  • De-clutter display cabinets and arrange to have only singular items on display – keep minimal and simple
  • Remove excess furniture broken items.


  • De-clutter nd clean all surfaces including kickboards and handles
  • Clean cooktop and range hood – replace range hood globe
  • Empty sink remove plug
  • Keep benches clear
  • Remove bench top appliances such as toasters, kettles, juices etc
  • Remove magnets, photos, paperwork off front of fridge
  • Remove items from tops and sides of fidge and cupboards
  • Remove Tea towels, soap, cleaning products, plugs, dish rack
  • Remove bin, floor mats, pet bowls


  • Hang clean or new towels neatly
  • Clean mirrors, surfaces, shower screens, tiles, drain areas.
  • Close toilet lids / seats
  • Place new toilet roll on holder
  • Remove toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning products, plugs
  • Remove bath mats, bath toys, bins, scales


  • Remove Clothes, shoes, personal items from floor and surfaces
  • Ensure bedside lamps / lights work – replace globes with natural light colour
  • Remove soft toys
  • Neatly make beds
  • Ensure items under bed are not visible
  • Tidy walk in robes

Outside Areas:

  • Clean BBQ if seen, Replace Bbq cover if needed
  • Mow lawn and trim garden
  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Clean pool
  • Clean pool area
  • Hide pool cleaner / hose
  • Centerpiece for dining table / coffee table
  • For dusk photography turn on outside lights.
  • Hose concrete , decks, pavers for a fresh clean look in photos

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