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Styling Tips
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1. First Impressions Count

Property Styling is key for street appeal to ensure potential buyers are enticed to inspect the property. There are many quick & inexpensive ways to prepare your property for sale before its styled. Mow lawns, tidy gardens, trims shrubs & trees, clean out gutters, mulch garden beds & pressure wash pathways & walls.

2. Fresh Neutral Colours Work Best

Neutral colours allow buyers to imagine living in your home. White, Light, bright, fresh walls help create a sense of space. Neutral colour palette will appeal to many different people & not alienate anyone. Painting walls using a subtle colour scheme is also more classic preferred choice.

3. Clean Inside & Out

Kitchens & bathrooms help sell properties. Clean house provides a new fresh feel for buyers. Clean all surfaces. Pay attention to kitchen & bathrooms. Cleaning properties thoroughly also rid of odours & stale smells. scrub mould areas & surfaces. Clean all windows curtains, blinds, carpet & tiles. Wash windows outside & outdoor living / entertaining areas.

4. De-clutter & De-Personalise

Give potential buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves & their belongings in the property. Remove all rubbish. Pack all personal items, sell or donate any unused or unwanted items. This will create a sense of open space without overwhelming potential buyers during open home inspections & when viewing your real-estate marketing photos online.

5. Property Styling & Staging

Property Styling creates a vision for buyers. Selling a property through property styling with furniture & accessories is more inviting than an empty property. It allows buyers to imagine themselves living in the property & the memories they will create. Hiring a designer stylist to style your property on a professional level relieves the stress, sells your property faster & for a higher price. Your not just selling a home or house you are also selling a lifestyle!

6. Lighting

Allowing light Into your home & creating ambience. Allowing natural light is a great seller for your home, it creates a mood & unnatural lighting can create a relaxed warm feel. Open up blinds, curtains & windows for inspections, trim trees & bushes so light can shine in. Turn on lights for inspections & make sure your globes are working.

7. Outdoor Areas

Property Styling outside sells too! Due to the beautiful Australian climate property outdoor living & entertaining areas are important to maintain & present when having your property on the market. Repair any damage, clean, mow, revamp gardens, remove rubbish & unwanted items. Properties should appear to have low to no maintenance.

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Our success so far in our industry has come from being able to think outside the box not sticking to one particular style, we blend all sorts of designs together to really create an incredible visual aspect that ensures a positive emotional response.

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