Getting the Hampton Look

September 27, 2023

Angie Neal

hampton look

The Hampton look is something many homeowners would like to achieve in their homes. Take a closer look at Hampton interior style and you realise it has many things in common with Scandinavian style.  

Everything You Need to Know About Hampton Interiors

Hampton interiors are bright, fresh and airy. Often they have a coastal vibe about them which works well for many homes in Queensland. Australia. 

The interior design style gets its name from Long Island in the United States. The Hamptons are an upmarket part of Long Island. 

How do you get the Hampton look? We are happy to help you to achieve the Hampton look. Let us start by giving you some easy-to-follow tips. 

The Colour Palette Matters

The most popular colours when it comes to Hampton-style interiors are white and neutrals. They are often sprinkled with hints of yellow and green. 

The look often pairs neutral colours with coastal blues and nuances of grey. Classic egg blue and mint grey tones are also popular additions to the Hampton look colour palette. 

The Best Fabrics

Natural fabrics and materials are essential when it comes to achieving the Hampton look in your home. What you find when you spend a day beach combing should easily fit in with your Hampton-style living space. 

Wool, cotton and linen are the most important elements. If you like, you can mix and match them with leather and wood. 

Fabrics are often striped or chequered with nuances of pink and perhaps a touch of gingham. The materials used should look soft and inviting. 

A Hampton-style living space should be a place you will want to spend time in with your friends and family. 


Hamptons homes are often transitional when it comes to furniture. It is important to bring in the new while retaining the old. 

Vintage and antique furniture blend in with new design ideas. New pieces of furniture should slot seamlessly into your living space. 

The emphasis is often on buying quality pieces of furniture instead of furniture that may go out of fashion quickly. Upholstered furniture is an important part of the Hampton interior look and style. 

Furniture you have inherited or vintage pieces are a good starting point. Use them as a source of inspiration for the rest of your interior. 

Make it easy to socialise in your space. Sofas and armchairs should not be placed too far apart – Hampton style is all about entertaining and socialising with family and friends. 

Lighting and Lamps

Harsh lighting is not part of the Hampton look. Instead, you should opt for soft lighting with warm bulbs. This quickly creates a cosy atmosphere. 

Light fittings are an important part of the look. Take your time and shop around for unique pieces such as pendant lights and chandeliers that reflect the light. 

Hampton Style Accessories

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on accessories to get the Hampton look. This is where all of those hours spent beachcombing come in. 

Driftwood, coral and seashells quickly give your living a coastal feel. Although you can buy beach-style accessories finding your own makes the experience more special. 

Diverse patterns make objects stand out. You want visitors’ eyes to wander and discover new exciting accessories in your home. 

Paintings and prints make great accessories for the Hampton-style home. Take a look around local stores or shop at antique fairs. You will soon come across pieces that stand out. 

Filling your home with accessories that you love is an important part of the Hampton lifestyle. It makes your home feel special and gives you something to chat about with visitors. 

Another top idea is to use patterns to create a visual effect. Leaves painted on canvas help you to bring the outside in. Colours can be soft with a few standout colours such as blues and green. This quickly adds emphasis and interest to your living space. 

It is a good idea to start by buying wall accessories and then add soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. Once again, it is better to buy quality items that create an impact rather than having lots of different accessories. Hampton style is not about overwhelming visitors to your home. 

However, it has to be said that accessories are an essential element of the Hampton look. Candles are also great when it comes to creating an atmosphere in your living space. 


Wood flooring is a popular choice when it comes to Hampton interior decor. Remember that this is a look that aims to bring the outside in. 

Parquet flooring is another option you should consider. It is slightly more expensive but it does last a long time. Polished timber floors are a top tip for your new look home. 

On top of your natural flooring surface, you should place rugs to add interest to the floor area. 

Make sure that all soft furnishings are washable. With so many light and neutral colours, keeping your Hampton-style home clean is important. 

Window Treatments

Inside, you want to go for floor-to-ceiling curtains or drapes. They can be heavy or lighter depending on your preference.

The Hampton look is very much about bringing the light in. Lighter soft- flowing curtains often look better than heavy drapes. 

Many homes in the Hamptons on Long Island have outside shutters. It is something that is worth bearing in mind when you want to complete the look.  

Plants for the Hampton Home

Houseplants certainly belong in the Hampton home. Popular choices are green houseplants with large leaves that make an impact. 

When it comes to houseplants, it would be fair to say that less is often more. Have a house plants that you have got the time to look after. 

Fresh bouquets of flowers also add interest to your home and quickly freshen up the interior. 

Final Thoughts On Hampton Interiors

The Hampton style is all about creating a light, relaxed living space. Create a place where you can relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family.